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SHYC Junior Sailing Program

Junior Racing Rules


CLICK HERE for the Junior Racing Instructions (updated July 2020)



2021 Online Sailing School Registration



Registration is for Stone Horse members only and must be completed and returned before sailing school begins. A $50 penalty will be assessed for late registration.



Complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION form and mail your payment to:


Stone Horse Yacht Club

c/o Meservey Accountancy

104 Crowell Rd.

Chatham, MA 02633



All payments are due before sailing school begins.


Sailing School Schedule



The purpose of the SHYC sailing school and racing program is to create a positive and fun learning environment so that sailing school students will attain a lifelong love of sailing and appreciate the water around them. Our mission is to enable students to step into, sail and maintain any size sailboat and teach them to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.





























Sailing School Class Descriptions




Beginner, ages 4-6

This class is for our youngest children, and its purpose is to introduce water safety and sailing through fun group activities on and off the water. Class meets one day a week. Sailboats used: Hunters.




Beginner, ages 7 and older

This class is geared for our young sailors with an emphasis placed on safety, learning, and fun! Students are introduced to water safety, boat controls (main sheet and tiller), basic sailing maneuvers (tacking and jibing), and wind, through classroom and on-the-water activities.  Our goal is to create a positive learning environment. Sailboats used: Hunters. Class meets 3x a week.




Ages 8‐12 who have completed Seamen

This class is for sailors who have completed Seamen, but do not wish to competitively race Optimists. It is geared to students ages 8-12 years of age. Most learning will be on-the-water group lessons with in-boat instructors. The ultimate intention is to prepare these sailors to move comfortably and confidently into an Optimist when appropriate and like all our programs, to become lifelong lovers of sailing. The primary boats used are Flying Scots and secondary boats will be Hunters. Class meets 3x a week.



Beginner Opti (Opti C)

First year Opti sailors.

Students sail independently in Optimist dinghies under the close supervision of instructors and participate in classroom lessons and land-based activities. The curriculum emphasizes terminology, basic seamanship (knot tying, rigging), basic boat handling (steering, sail trim, capsize recovery) and course sailing. Class meets 3x a week.



Opti B

Sailors who have successfully completed at least one year of beginner sailing and want to learn how to race the Opti:

Students sail independently in the Optimist and learn basic course sailing, mark rounding, weight placement, and an introduction to racing. Students may be asked to participate in area Optimist regattas under parental supervision with Club supported coaches. All sailors in Opti B are encouraged to participate in weekend junior racing.  Class meets 3x a week.



Opti Racing (Opti A)

Sailors who have completed a minimum of 2 years of Opti sailing

This class will teach Opti racing tactics, racing rules and rules of navigation.  The class will also emphasize terminology, wind and water theory, water safety, boat controls, sailing maneuvers, upwind and downwind sailing, and right-of-way rules through on land and on-the-water activities. Students are expected to participate in area regattas and weekend junior racing. Class meets 3x a week.


420 Skippers

Sailors aged 13 and above

This is a beginner 420 class. The curriculum includes an introduction to 420 sailing, review of wind terminology, wind and water theory, water safety, boat controls, sailing maneuvers, navigation, trapezes and spinnakers. Students will be encouraged to try sailing the 420 as both a skipper and a crew. Students are also encouraged to participate in weekend junior racing. Class will meet 3x a week.


420 Racing (Race Team)

Skilled sailors aged 14 and above who have completed at least 1 year of Skippers

This class is for sailors who want to experience the fun challenges of racing 420s. Sailors participate in team racing matches against other area clubs. 420 racing tactics, rules and seamanship are emphasized. Students are expected to participate in regattas and race in weekend junior racing. Class meets 3x a week with some additional team races or clinics.




Other Documents and Links


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         and sailor requirements for Flying Scots, 420s, Optis and Waterbugs




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