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This past weekend (February 17 - 19, 2024) Ben and Andrew Visco traveled to the US Sailing Center in Martin County Florida for the Club 420 Midwinter Championship. They partnered with the One United team and spent Friday practicing and tuning their boat with some familiar faces from the Cape Cod C420 fleet.

Saturday began with light and shifty wind that flipped around mid-day to stronger, northerly winds that gave the boys conditions they were able to excel in. After coming out of the first day in 29th overall, Ben and Andrew dropped to 60th after a challenging single race on the second day. A three hour postponement followed by a near-capsize mistake in the pouring rain was not the day the boys were hoping for but was a valuable opportunity to learn from mistakes.

The third day brought colder temperatures and winds of up to 30 knots and the boys finished 3rd in their only race of the day to finish out the regatta in 2nd in silver fleet and 52nd overall out of 150 boats. Finishing with the scores [35], 13, 5, 33, 3, allowed Ben and Andrew to leave Florida with a healthy exposure to advanced competition and a more complex understanding of how the top sailors in the country set up their equipment.

Great Job Ben & Andrew!

If you have news to share, let us know!

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Thank you to Susan Shea for Saturday pictures of the aftermath of Friday's rainstorm.

Town Pier

Parking Lot

Path to docks alongside Harwich Port Boat Yard

Buildings flooded

View from across the channel

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July series results are in! Click for full details

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