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Stone Horse Team in the Figawi Regatta

On the Memorial Day weekend of 2022, a Stone Horse team competed in the 51 st Figawi – an annual regatta in the Nantucket Sound sponsored by the Hyannis Yacht Club. Our team was multi-generational, comprising Scott Bender as skipper, Peter McAvoy, Lonnie Murray, Cole and Zach Bender, Pierce Sullivan, and Jake Lacoche. They sailed in Maji Moto (Swahili for “Hot Water”), a 35-foot, J-105 sloop.

The first day of the regatta was a 15 NM race in very heavy winds – often exceeding 20 mph. Nevertheless, spinnakers were used, resulting in very fast legs. Maji Moto sustained a spin-out on one leg and was perceived to get up on a plane. Out of nine boats in their division, the SHYC team took first. The winds completely changed during the second day and the race had to be delayed because of light air. Maji Moto took fourth in a 9 NM race, for an overall second for the division. All told, a great weekend of fun and camaraderie was had by all.

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